terraform-provider-nutanix Patch to ignore CDROM’s

I’m hitting the same problem as described on issue #69.
Depending on terraform version, the 2nd apply after the 1st one (creating vm’s) will cause:

  • Reboot VM and remove that cdrom (terraform v0.10).
  • Ask to remove the cdrom and if removed, the vm crash (kernel panic/bsod) as you’re hot-removing a IDE bus drive (terraform v > 0.11) and IDE is not hot plug (usually).

I’ve “patched” the provider so it ignores CDROM && IDE (bus) changes.
Maybe is not the best solution but as we’re not using cdrom drives at all, using this little patch is a good option for us.

So feel free to clone, test, fork…

PS: I’ve move the path to a standalone branch, so you can apply just only this patch.

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