HOWTO Debug Windows

I’ve been out xD
Nop, seriously, I’ve been working hard past months (and I’ll continue a bit more).

But I want to share a new doc I’ve just cooked on the wiki.

As I’ve been 3 days working on trying to find an error on Windows (my actual project deadline is near…) and our Windows “Sysadmins” are not able to help me, I decided to go harder and read M$ documentation about how to debug their “Operating System” (they like the “metaforas” saying that this is a real OS).

At the end? I think I will add “Windows Debugging” as a new skill on my CV.
Talking with my linux workmate, We doubt many of windows sysadmins know all this tools (maybe the most famous one, systernals):

  • Systernals
  • Windbg
  • Debug Diagnostics

Have a look at the wiki post:

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Oracle Metadata Generator (and svn uploader)

(See comments)

My first (public) script for Oracle :-) [beers]
This script will (hopefully) do:

  • List all the objects on the database for each SID/SCHEMA given
  • Dump the metadata of each object in a different file
  • Upload everything to the svn

If you’re asking why? you must deal more with programmers :-P
This will add a second line of defense to the expdp CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY classic script.
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UPS Salicru en Nut

Después de ver la exigua entrada del compañero “cerebro” en su blog y viendo que yo estoy en la misma situación que algunas personas, he dedicido publicar un mini-howto para los SAIS Salicru con NUT (sin cacti :-P)

Lo primero por supuesto es bajar el código fuente (en mi caso obligatorio, seguramente en una distribución normal, no haga falta ;-) ).

En mi caso, lo he configurado con esta linea:
./configure --prefix=/home/apps/nut \
--with-usb \
--without-doc \
--with-serial \
--without-ipmi \
--without-freeipmi \
--without-macosx_ups \
--without-avahi \

Y compilado como siempre :-P

La configuración tal como dice el blog anterior se basa en el driver “blazer_usb”.
Como no tengo mucho tiempo, en vez de leer el manual fui por la via rápida (prueba-> error o ingeniería inversa) y me ha costado un poco descifrar como va el tema.
La cuestión es que hay que lanzar 3 demonios:

  • upsdrvctl lanza el “driver” encargado de coumincarse con el UPS
  • upsd se comunica con el driver (blazer_usb) y abre un socket
  • upsmon se conecta al socket de upsd y monitoriza

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Parallel rsync’ing a huge directory tree

Some days ago I was on the chance to transfer a huge directory.

Huge means ~50TB with +10million files and a deep of only 6 folders under the parent one.
As I must do that kind of transfer more than 10 times with the same amount of folders… I decided to implement some kind of parallel function which launch parallel rsync’s at a given deep of my choose.

The ressult was that “pure bash” little script (the only dependency is “screen”)… You’ll notice that the main function “sync_this()” will run alone in your script only changing 2 or 3 variables ;-)
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Mysql Database creation script

Two days ago one of my client dev’s requested me to be able to create db’s on their MySQL instance.
Of course, I won’t give him the “GRANT GRANT WITH GRANT OPTION” :-P, in that case I will simply give him root password :-P
As i didn’t find anything that solves my problem over Internet, I just did mine, as allways..
Here’s he result.


  • Create a Mysql user with the following grants:
    [cc lang=”bash”]
    GRANT INSERT ON `mysql`.`db` TO ‘database_creator’@’localhost’ ;
  • That will allow us to create databases, users, make some checks and reload privs, while we don’t create a new “root”…

You can download the script code from the wiki, also you’ll find additional information there.

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Regexp mortal

Hoy realizando una tarea que va a ser repetitiva (MODO CRON ON), he tenido que currar una regexp, la verdad no es muy compleja en sí pero sí larga:


Cuanto tardará find en procesar algo como esto con una jerarquía de unos 36000K ficheros xD
Respuesta en breve :-)

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