Script to check Oracle remotely (nagios or whatever)

For all of you that are not the lucky owner of an Enterprise Manager license or you simply want to use nagios or another monitoring engine to get status and graphs of oracle, probably you’ll be using the “check_remote_oracle” plugin.

If you’re a scripter/developer maybe you’ll understand me when you open an script and see an COMPLETELY UNREADABLE code, with no functions, no indentation… etc
And then you’ll have to change anything stupid inside the script and then f**k it does not work!

This is the story of that script, I installed it, then I have to do some changes… and then I decided to rewrite it completely…
I’m not the best scripter of the world, but I know how to use functions, indentation and that useless shit :-P

You can read the whole documentation on its wiki page.


PS: updated the instructions, I forgot the information about the unprivileged user for connecting to Oracle instance.
PS2: Updated again, new control!

Openvpn in the TP-LINK WR841N[D]

Hi folks,
Here comes a post to improve that great router from TP-LINK.
Of course, I suppose you’re running openwrt on it to use the whole power of it.
The 1st I saw was that you have available a plenty set of packages… but you don’t have enough ROM to install them :-P
Inspecting a bit, I saw that under /tmp you have a “lot” of free space! (about 14MB), that will be enough to allow run openvpn without problems.
The main problem? Its a ramdisk, so each boot, everything there disappears.
What I’ve done? Install the basics with opkg and wget on boot the rest ;-)


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Oracle Metadata Generator (and svn uploader)

(See comments)

My first (public) script for Oracle :-) [beers]
This script will (hopefully) do:

  • List all the objects on the database for each SID/SCHEMA given
  • Dump the metadata of each object in a different file
  • Upload everything to the svn

If you’re asking why? you must deal more with programmers :-P
This will add a second line of defense to the expdp CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY classic script.
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UPS Salicru en Nut

Después de ver la exigua entrada del compañero “cerebro” en su blog y viendo que yo estoy en la misma situación que algunas personas, he dedicido publicar un mini-howto para los SAIS Salicru con NUT (sin cacti :-P)

Lo primero por supuesto es bajar el código fuente (en mi caso obligatorio, seguramente en una distribución normal, no haga falta ;-) ).

En mi caso, lo he configurado con esta linea:
./configure --prefix=/home/apps/nut \
--with-usb \
--without-doc \
--with-serial \
--without-ipmi \
--without-freeipmi \
--without-macosx_ups \
--without-avahi \

Y compilado como siempre :-P

La configuración tal como dice el blog anterior se basa en el driver “blazer_usb”.
Como no tengo mucho tiempo, en vez de leer el manual fui por la via rápida (prueba-> error o ingeniería inversa) y me ha costado un poco descifrar como va el tema.
La cuestión es que hay que lanzar 3 demonios:

  • upsdrvctl lanza el “driver” encargado de coumincarse con el UPS
  • upsd se comunica con el driver (blazer_usb) y abre un socket
  • upsmon se conecta al socket de upsd y monitoriza

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My adventures with Android (I)

The history:

Recently I bough a “Ainol tornados” for testing purposes, and that was the cheapest one (~60€ shipping included!)
When it arrives to me, I tried to install openvpn (is basic for my project) but nothing on the “tun.ko” repo works for me :-(, the “magic string” which makes match a module with the kernel does not match and I tried all the avalaible rom except 4.0.4.
The problem was the insmod itself, not the tun.ko installer.
So I decided to build my own version of the android :-)

Here begins the adventure itself…
I downloaded the source code directly from Ainol forums… That HUGE package contains EVERYTHING for building (android-sdk, android-ndk, crosscompilers in multiple versions, emulator files… ETC), so don’t care about that if you’ll donwnload it.
Starting from the AOSP project wiki, I set up the build environment with java6, make 3.81.
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Parallel rsync’ing a huge directory tree

Some days ago I was on the chance to transfer a huge directory.

Huge means ~50TB with +10million files and a deep of only 6 folders under the parent one.
As I must do that kind of transfer more than 10 times with the same amount of folders… I decided to implement some kind of parallel function which launch parallel rsync’s at a given deep of my choose.

The ressult was that “pure bash” little script (the only dependency is “screen”)… You’ll notice that the main function “sync_this()” will run alone in your script only changing 2 or 3 variables ;-)
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