Rendimiento de algunas versiones de Android

Como usuario freak de android, de vez en cuando me gusta ir cambiando de rom para ver qué se ofrece de nuevo :-)
Asi que soy asiduo de XDA…

Esta semana me decidí a cambiar mi cyanogenmod 10.0 por “alguna otra” y decidí probar la “Slim beam” por aquello de “slim”, a ver si realmente es slim y tal.

La verdad es que es la 2ª vez que me meto el batacazo con una rom, la otra fue también con una 4.2.2 (y volví a 4.1.2).
Pero es que esto es exagerado, yo creo que ni la stock rom iba TAN MAL, es arrancar Opera con más de 1 pestaña (o 1 pestaña con muchas cosas) y se queda congelado.

No sé si es que no le he hecho el tunning apropiado (overclock, vaya), por que menos apps no puedo tener! ya me cuido de tener pocas cosas corriendo.
En fin, que voy a probar una AOKP pura y sino, otra vez a CM…

Is google building a worldwide wifi network?

Yesterday after upgrading my phone from Android 4.0 to 4.2, I noticed that my wifi password were automatically restored from Google backup.
Call me n00b, but I hadn’t read that G save it!!!!

The thinking sequence was:

  • Google scanning for wifis meanwhile building Gmaps
  • Google saving TONS of wifi passwords coming from android
  • Google have access to 50%/60%/70% of the whole world wifis!

I suppose I’m not the 1st on thinking about that but… it makes me shudder man…

The inexpensive Video-Phone project

Happy new year!!!
After my adventures trying to build Android from source, I want to explain the reason for that.
As I live very far from my fathers and they’re elder, I’ve been thinking for a long time how to have a easy way to make videoconf with them and share photos… The usual things you know?
The main problem was that they’ve never used a PC and the newest gadget they have is a Nokia X2

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My adventures with Android (I)

The history:

Recently I bough a “Ainol tornados” for testing purposes, and that was the cheapest one (~60€ shipping included!)
When it arrives to me, I tried to install openvpn (is basic for my project) but nothing on the “tun.ko” repo works for me :-(, the “magic string” which makes match a module with the kernel does not match and I tried all the avalaible rom except 4.0.4.
The problem was the insmod itself, not the tun.ko installer.
So I decided to build my own version of the android :-)

Here begins the adventure itself…
I downloaded the source code directly from Ainol forums… That HUGE package contains EVERYTHING for building (android-sdk, android-ndk, crosscompilers in multiple versions, emulator files… ETC), so don’t care about that if you’ll donwnload it.
Starting from the AOSP project wiki, I set up the build environment with java6, make 3.81.
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