Is google building a worldwide wifi network?

Yesterday after upgrading my phone from Android 4.0 to 4.2, I noticed that my wifi password were automatically restored from Google backup.
Call me n00b, but I hadn’t read that G save it!!!!

The thinking sequence was:

  • Google scanning for wifis meanwhile building Gmaps
  • Google saving TONS of wifi passwords coming from android
  • Google have access to 50%/60%/70% of the whole world wifis!

I suppose I’m not the 1st on thinking about that but… it makes me shudder man…

4 thoughts on “Is google building a worldwide wifi network?

  1. Yessir, google’s growing hegemony scares the sh*t out of me, too. I want to move as far away from Google as possible. Maybe use hushmail or whatever instead of gmail, duckduckgo as a search engine, et cetera. I looked into tor and i2p for a while also, but they’re just not all that convenient.. Anyway, love your blog, man!

  2. Well, actually with android they have us taken by our downside “parts” (spanish expression without translation xD)
    I’m currently using duckduck, adblockplus, priv3, privoxy, no flash, sometimes tor… for browsing.
    I also have my own mailserver (but is a fu**ing headache), cloud, etc.
    My main fear is about android backup on google, the wifi, contacts, calendar & so, it should be a method of backup up it to anywhere without Google…

  3. Haha, I think the equivalent expression in English would be something like “Android has really got us by our balls”.

  4. LOL
    I’ll try to remember that expresion :-)
    I’m trying to move away from google (talking about android) but is a really difficult task :-(
    I’ll post soon about that ;-)

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